mini mga

hello, my name is

mauricio giraldo arteaga

i write code for the new york public library labs, mostly working on automating map vectorizing with some extra volunteer help. this is a paper i wrote about it (that i presented and got published in the proceedings of the 1st ACM SIGSPATIAL International Workshop on MapInteraction). i have also done some funky stuff with stereographs and restaurant menus.

this is a not-very-recent portfolio (as of 2013) that i hope to improve some day but mostly shows that i enjoy playing with code, objects and all things interactive.

i will be speaking at openvisconf this april.

i also upload photos to flickr and have a bunch of "listens" in

check out some of my github activity or follow me on twitter (you won't regret it).

i have an old site (2006) which has some more info in case you are curious.